Welcome to our newest clients!
Our case management software, CSG Engage, with innumerable features CSBG agencies need, has been spreading … almost a dozen new agencies on both coasts have come on board in the last few months alone. We are very happy to work with you all!

NEW! Annual Report software
Out with the old, in with the new … Goodbye IS Survey! Our new Annual Report software is up and running and is currently utilized in multiple states around the country.
Easy to use but with great tech support just in case!
Contact us if you need a configurable feature just for your state.

COMING SOON! Custom fields.
Resigned to not tracking everything you need to in one place because your software doesn’t have all your funding sources’ requirements?
Create your own custom tabs in the client record to track everything you need to – we don’t have a field for a certain type of disability or that the client household is a fishing family? Add it yourself easily.
Contact us for more information.

Conferences Galore
Our staff will be attending multiple conferences this year, including NASCSP’s national conference in Little Rock, AR in September of 2019 and the Region X CAP conference in Spokane, Washington in April of 2019. We’ll be on hand to demonstrate our new case management software, CSG Engage, and we can talk about any other software needs we may be able to help you with.
Come visit!


NEW Case management software
2018 ushered in our newly redesigned next generation, non-profit case management software, CSG Engage. Over the last several months we have been implementing the system for existing clients, as well as many new clients across the country. Learn more here.

California State-Wide Training
The state of California, with its 60 community action agencies, contracted with CSG to utilize our CSBG Annual Report module. The state office flew CSG’s Laura Mason and Remy Miller out to Sacramento to participate in their Annual Report Training event, assisting with the training of the new ROMA reporting requirements. Despite temperatures over 100 degrees, the California Highway Patrol headquarters provided a perfect environment for a successful training. The national body for community action agencies, NASCSP, and CSG took turns teaching California agency representatives how to tell their community action story to national legislators and funders, and how to report on all they do.

Learning new software can be intimidating, and so the agencies seemed to appreciate the chance to interact with Laura and Remy about the Annual Report software. Putting faces to the names, and knowing who to ask for help, is key to feeling comfortable with new software – no matter how intuitive the software might be.

CSG Scholarships
Congratulations to Briyanna Henry and True Teh, the 2018 recipients of CSG’s Computer Science scholarships! Through Springfield Partners of Community Action’s Community Scholarship Awards in Springfield, MA, CSG donated $2,000 to do our small part to help these promising young adults achieve their college dreams. Cheri Rodriguez was on hand to represent CSG and wish the young recipients all the best in their college careers, and beyond!

Summer of the College Intern at CSG!
This summer, CSG hired four interns from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) to work on important company projects. CSG believes in giving interns a real-life glimpse into working as software developers and data scientists. With CSG’s founder, Christian Scillitoe helped design the interface and the functionality of a major part of our CSG Engage case management software: a flag and trigger system where users can use our technology to better identify client needs and track outcomes. Fellow interns Preeti Havannavar, Jason Dsouza, and Sayed Inamdar designed a sophisticated way for state offices to predict and plan for Fuel Assistance (LIHEAP), a major yearly expenditure, across an entire state, using historical data and current trends.



On a sunny day in November at New York City's Stuyvesant High School, prospective middle school kids ate pizza and learned about computer science at an open house event called CyberStuy, co-sponsored by the Community Software Group, Chipotle, and other companies. Led by both students, staff and alumni, it featured a mixture of project demonstrations, interactive workshops, and Q&A panels to show to kids what a life working with computers might be like.

As CSG founder Jeff Brown said, "we wanted to sponsor because this free public school provides excellent educational opportunities to children who may happen to be from low-income backgrounds." CSG was the only tech firm sponsoring this free event, which showcased how anyone, regardless of income or background or gender, can shine in the tech field. Jeff attended this school himself and wanted to give back.

45% of the high school consists of low-income students eligible for free or reduced lunch. A number of these students and their families live together in one single room, and many students travel hours each day to attend the school each day, taking an exhausting combination of bus, ferry, and subway. The Principal highlighted that the children arrive at 8am in the morning and he sometimes has to ask them to leave at 10pm at night.

These days, computer sccience is a valuable subject very much in demand across every field -- and that is only expected to grow in the future. Community Software Group believes in the connection of poverty and technology, and how the latter can help alleviate the former in many different ways. This fantastic fall event was one such way to grab and inspire the next generation of computer scientists and engineers.

New CSBG Oversight Tools
With the implementation of CSBG ROMA Next Generation, we have been very busy designing, developing and implementing several additional modules as part of our eGov Report Hub software suite. These modules include a new Community Action Plan, CSBG Board Management System and CSBG Budgeting and Fiscal Reports. These tools, along with others, including Organizational Standards and Organizational Information, have been developed to aid in the oversight of CSBG at the state level.

Announcing CSG Engage - New Client Tracking System
We are excited to begin the roll-out of our new Client and Case Management system CSG Engage in the coming months. This new tool is designed to assist agencies with advanced client tracking and client engagement, case management, and collecting new requirements for ROMA NG.

New Customers
We are excited to announce that several new states have recently purchased our growing eGov Report Hub.  We look forward to expanding states' and agencies' use of this platform.


This year’s recipient of Community Software Group’s college scholarship fund for low-income minority and female college students living in Springfield, Massachusetts is Sasha Gonzalez. The scholarship is administered by Springfield Partners for Community Action and targets students interested in studying computer science or information technology. Sasha is studying Computer Engineering at Western New England University.

New Products
Our newest product, eAssist Moderate Verification, has been released to support contracts with multiple utilities running heating assistance programs for people and families of moderate income. This project is coordinated with Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) in Boston and Citizens for Citizens (CFC) in Fall River, Massachusetts.

New Customers
Several state CSBG offices have recently purchased our eGov ReportHub system. It is now used in 5 states.

A private architecture firm has hired us to develop a project management database with a data visualization component to aid in tracking company profits.

New employees
We are very pleased to announce that a number of the graduating Masters interns that participated in our internship program last year will be working with us as full-time software developers! Another intern is working with us on User Experience and design.


HUD Certification
Our HUD Client Management System (CMS) software, including the new 9902 form, was approved and now meets current HUD standards.

New Products
eAssist Conservation Mobile app
We have developed and made available through the Microsoft store, a mobile app for use with the Surface Pro. The mobile app is designed to work with our eAssistConservation software.

Organizational Standards
The Organization Standards reporting tool (within our CSBG eGovernment system), in response to IM-138, has been released and is being utilized by our state government customers and their CSBG Eligible Entities. A select group of these agencies provided valuable feedback and suggestions on user experience during development, leading to improved ease of functionality.

Data visualization
Our data visualization project has been very well received. Agencies are able to view their data using cutting-edge interactive graphical formats. They can use these visual representations to understand and present their client data more effectively.

Working with area colleges:
Intern Program
Community Software Group is excited to announce that our 2015 College Internship Program starts this summer. We have selected several Data Science Masters students to work with our company on some data presentation oriented projects.

Community Software Group is proud to announce our sponsorship of a college scholarship fund for low-income minority and female college students living in Springfield, Massachusetts. The scholarship is administered by Springfield Partners for Community Action, totals $2,150 per year for 3 years, and targets students interested in studying computer science or information technology. This year’s scholarship was awarded today to Sosina Erkailo at a ceremony held in Springfield. Sosina recently graduated from Renaissance High School. She was born in Ethiopia, moved to South Africa as a child and has been in the United States for 2 ½ years. She was accepted to 3 colleges: Smith College, Mount Holyoke, and has chosen to attend St. Lawrence University in the fall. She will be studying Neuroscience and Information Technology.


Our development team has updated our HMIS software to meet the new data standards defined in "HMIS Data Standards Manual - A Guide for HMIS Users, CoCs and System Administrators" - Version 2.1.

Happy Customer
Our relationship with the Department of Commerce at the State of Washington continues to grow as we collaborate with them in modifying our eGovernment system to meet their needs.

New Business
We were selected to develop a module in our eAssistConservation software to run utility company audit programs, in addition to the DOE Weatherization program. This module is now in production. Our utility module in eAssistConservation has been selected to accommodate the requirements of another Massachusetts utility.


New Customer
We are thrilled to have the State of Washington as our newest customer. We have worked closely with the Department of Commerce to modify our eGovReport Hub software so that it meets their specific needs and processes. The Commerce Department has been very pleased with the reception and success they are experiencing with the software.

We turn 20 this year!
Our company celebrates its 20th anniversary this year! We have had the pleasure of serving so many Community Action Agencies and other non-profits and look forward to continuing these great relationships.

Over the last 20 years, we have worked hard to continually develop our software products to make our clients’ jobs easier, reduce costs and maximize productivity. Our software is developed to be very user friendly and meet the needs of all staff members—from directors to managers to data entry specialists.
Thank you to all of our customers for your continued support!



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