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Reporting - eGov ReportHub

eGov ReportHub is a highly successful web-based bi-directional reporting system that funding sources (such as state and federal government) use to provide online reporting to their grantees. eGov ReportHub is a “truly paperless” solution. All versions of reports received from grantees are kept along with the history of funder requests for revisions until the final version is accepted. The result? More organized and thorough paperless reporting that saves costs and valuable staff time.

NEW! ROMA Next Generation Software Modules

With an emphasis on ROMA Next Generation, eGovReportHub makes oversight of grantees highly organized in a comprehensive software suite that includes the following oversight modules:

  • NEW - CSBG Monitoring Tool – A web-based tool to increase efficiencies and improve facilitation of on-site monitoring of agencies by the state CSBG office.
  • CSBG Annual Report - Designed from the new CSBG IM #152 Annual Report, this is an attractive and intuitive web-based data entry system.
  • Organizational Standards - automate the submission and review of the organizational standards assessment to efficiently meet the CSBG organizational standards assessment per HHS IM-138.
  • Community Action Plan - a user-friendly web-based data entry system built to accommodate the new ROMA NG Annual Report. With a submit/review process, it provides agencies the ability to enter each element of their Community Action Plan individually, including budgets, actual and target numbers and NPIs.
  • Organization Information - a living document for sub-grantees to modify in real-time with pertinent details about their organization.
  • Fiscal Reporting - data-entry system for budgets, income statements and balance sheets
  • Board Management - track and maintain member and meeting details


eGov ReportHub Key Features

  • Version Tracking – view multiple versions of reports
  • Systematic Collaboration – bi-directional email-supported communication for grantee submission and funding source review
  • Configurable – configure users and roles including report reviewers on a report-by-report and grantee-by-grantee basis
  • Password-Based Security—with SSL encryption
  • Electronic Transmission of Data—for applicable reports
  • Unlimited Number of Users
  • Software-as-a-Service Model


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