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Energy Assistance - eAssist LIHEAP

eAssist LIHEAP is an in-depth, web-based software solution designed to help agencies and state government offices manage the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This powerful software automates data collection, administration and reporting in an intuitive user interface. Implementation of the system will reduce data inaccuracy, improve program integrity, simplify reporting and eliminate paperwork while improving program coordination, efficiency and productivity by managing every aspect of the energy assistance process.

eAssist LIHEAP works seamlessly with Octopia™ for agency-wide case management and unduplicated reporting.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Client Database—includes the nation’s most advanced client and vendor notification system
  • Automated Eligibility Determination
  • Customizable Appointment System—manages multiple intake sites, generates applications with pre-filled information
  • Automated Letter Generation—instantly generates many client and vendor notifications
  • Barcode System—scans incoming documents by client and document barcodes to instantly track documents in electronic database
  • Automated Data Validation and Fraud Detection—displays message when data does not meet application standards or is incomplete
  • Automated Payment Processing—handles multiple funding sources, automates payment from electronic files submitted by vendors and exports data to accounting software and editable spreadsheets
  • Powerful Querying Engine
  • Secure—built-in PGP encryption technology ensures secure sharing of sensitive data with vendors
  • LIHEAP Public Web Access—agencies can link from their website to a public access system where individuals can eligibility, make an appointment and see what documents are required at the intake appointment.

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